Friday, November 24, 2006

If These Walls Could Scream

The work on our walls has been postponed until further notice, due to stuff I'd rather not go into right now. So I needed an inexpensive but tasteful stopgap measure to keep our apartment from looking like we rent it out to Law & Order for scenes where they're interrogating a junkie in his home.

I braved Black Friday and found some wall hangings that fit our style. Then I started scrubbing the bedroom wall with that wonderful invention, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and large pieces of dried wallpaper and plaster snapped and crumbled off. And as large as this wall hanging is, it couldn't cover the hole.

Rather than spackle it over, we're going to live with it until we can do it the right way and strip the whole thing down to the brick and paint the brick white.

People actually pay top dollar to make their modern high-rise apartments look like French country farmhouses. Or they layer one studiedly ragged sweater and shirt over another until they look like an extra in Les Miz. So rather than think of this as a disaster, I'm going to regard it as a case of naturally-occurring Anthropologie.

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