Friday, November 17, 2006

Quit It, Already!

I went to the dermatologist last week on a routine visit, and while I was there I said, "I've had this little bump on my upper lip for the past couple of months, probably nothing."

He didn't think it was nothing and took a biopsy. I called his office this morning prepared to hear "benign" and get on with my day. I was put on hold for the entire live version of "Spoonful" and then the nurse gets back on with me:

"Mizz Bruno, you have a basal cell carcinoma. This is where we want you to go."

Long story short, I have an appointment for two weeks from now with an excellent dermatologist who specializes in this form of plastic surgery/skin cancer surgery called Mohs Surgery. Minimal scarring, cure rate of 99%. NOT an invasive cancer, and probably developing since childhood or adolescence when I used to go to the beach slathered in baby oil.

I'd always figured, "I'm dark; skin cancer is for pale people." But apparently it's an equal opportunity assailant. So coming up next, I'm going to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

My husband Jacques had Mohs surgery several times. It's quite fascinating, gets it all (not that it's going to attack any other part of you), and leaves very little scar.

I've heard accounts from three people who've had this or know someone who's had this, and apparently it's not much more involved than having a mole or cyst removed.

I was just shocked to hear the news. My first thought was "I have what???" followed closely by "thank God this wasn't the lung biopsy."
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