Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person

I was at Gilda's Club in the Village last night. They have a library there with books about cancer, and all the books have the sticker on the spine with the "Gilda" logo. So you'll see some book like "Healing Thyself With Herbs" and it'll have that Jerry Lewis-type logo under the title.

I was surprised that they didn't have two graphic novels about cancer: "Mom's Cancer" by Brian Fies, and "Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person" by Miriam Engelberg. Since, presumably, Gilda Radner was this funny person who made people laugh and her sense of humor helped her survive, you'd think there would be these two funny books. At any rate, they cracked me up.

So go get them quickly, because we could all get run over by a bus tomorrow!

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