Friday, January 05, 2007

I Love It When I'm Right

Ann Althouse linked to a quiz recommended by Andrew Sullivan. It's sort of a political Kinsey test, with a score of 0 meaning 100% liberal and 40 meaning 100% conservative.

Here's what I posted to the "Comments":

I can't resist a quiz. Must be all those years of reading Cosmo.

Too bad a lot of those questions give you only two choices. "Geez, can I say I don't trust either of them because they each have their own agenda?"

BTW, I scored 18, which is about what I had thought that I would before I'd even seen the quiz. Some of those choices appeared harshly worded, such as "Abolish public broadcasting."

Sure, most of the stuff on PBS is crap, but "Abolish"? It makes it sound as if somebody is holding a gun to the head of Big Bird.

Because of the wording, I often found myself having to make a choice between holding my nose and jumping into the pool called "ruthless," or wussing out and making a choice that reflected more liberalism than I actually possess.

And I point this out, not because I'm the most fascinating person in the world, but because I can see this being a choice that's going to face many Democratic candidates and their possible voters for the next two years.

Ann scored 21%, and Sully himself (not to sully himself) scored 26%.

And here's what I'm right about: As I've long contended, most of Ann's regular commenters skew to the right of Ann, even though we all--conservative and liberal alike--thought a lot of the questions were bogus. Which kinda reminds me of this, even though the test linked to today is a decade old.

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