Sunday, February 18, 2007

Althouse NYC Meet-Up

In line with my bigtime New Year's Resolution called "Meet people you 'know' from online," I went to the get-together that Ann Althouse had for her NYC-area readers. It was at 5 PM--"drinks" time--in the lobby bar of the Millennium Hotel across from the WTC. There were ten people there, and five were lawyers, but nobody sued anyone.

There was a teacher from SVA, and a guy named Steve who invented a database called where you can look up book reviews "based on plot, character, setting and writing style." Also Drew, who's a copywriter launching a career as a stand-up comic. I mentioned that I'd done stand-up back in the '80s. Others at the table referred to us thereafter as "the comics."

I was relatively quiet at the table, the way I'm a relatively infrequent commenter on Althouse. Mostly, it was because there were several conversations about things I know little or nothing about: The "old" days on Metafilter, BlogAds versus Google Ads, the architecture of Yale/New Haven, and what it's like to drive cross-country. My other bigtime New Year's resolution is to spend more time listening and not be embarrassed if there's nothing I can add to a particular conversation. Hey, at that rate, I could learn something!

Politics: All present liked Giuliani, although the table was divided on whether or not his dressing in drag was going to make him unelectable in the conservative heartland. Although having been married to his cousin may actually make him more electable in some parts of the South.

We ended up sitting, chatting and consuming large quantities of Goldfish (the snack) until after nine. I'd mentioned to Ann that I'd liked her posting her old sketchbooks as the '80s version of what blogging was for her now, and said that I was digitizing my old stand-up tapes to post on my blog for the same reason. She suggested posting them on YouTube. Unfortunately, most of the tapes I have are audio tapes. So I'll have to dig around and see if I have any old video that doesn't embarrass me.

I have a feeling getting over the embarrassment hump is going to be the biggest bigtime New Year's Resolution.

Melinda - I don't think you necessarily have to have video footage - you could just put a static photo (or series of static photos) in the background and run the audio over the top. You don't necessarily have to take advantage of YouTube's full capabilities to take advantage of it as a means of content delivery. :)
Simon, thanks! Good to know.
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