Friday, March 16, 2007

The Other "H" Word

Hospitals have this crazy rule about letting you stay when you can no longer benefit from curative treatment, but still require round-the-clock nursing care. So Jim is transferring today to a cancer hospice in the Bronx.

Apparently, this place has a great reputation. In the past couple of days, a half-dozen people I've mentioned it to have had a loved one stay there. It's been around forever. I also found out that my mother's mother stayed there in the 1940's, not for cancer but for tuberculosis, which was incurable then.

Jim will be able to wear his own clothes there, and bring his guitar. They'll even let you bring pets, although Chico and Ashley would take issue with this.

The only problem is going to be for me to get there every evening after work. It's easy if you have a car, which most people in the city don't. It's a trip when you're using public transportation. So he'll probably have to wait a bit for the guitar.

Calvary. Oy.
Apparently, they're non- denominational. They're also the only 24-hour acute care facility specializing in cancer where you can stay if you have a life expectancy of longer than two weeks.
Your grace is beautiful- even if you may not see it. We do.

I'll keep you daily in my thoughts- you & Jim. Peace to you...
Karen, thanks!
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