Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Insurance Blues

I've been told by the hospital that according to the insurance company, I have to find another place for Jim.

"But Sloan-Kettering said he should be in hospice care!"

"We're not a hospice, per se," the doctor replied. And the first thing I thought is, But I wrote "hospice" on my blog! "We're an acute palliative care facility, and right now your husband is considered stabilized." Of course, since the cancer in his brain is no longer being treated, this is expected to change.

"So what if it changes? Does he come back here?"

"If your insurance says that he can."

One thing is for sure: He's still in no shape to be home. Even if I could afford to take a long leave from my job, he needs more care right now than I or any other single individual could give him who isn't a medical professional, or strong enough to pick him up when he falls.

And if anyone suggests that I'm shirking some kind of adult responsibility...well, yeah! I am. What's it to ya? At this point, I'm willing to fake insanity if I have to. Is there some kind of test for sanity? I'll hire a shrink and have him coach me the right answers for "crazy." At this point, it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

It's a shame. It's such a nice place, and he's doing so well there. Apparently, maybe too well.

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