Saturday, April 14, 2007


If I had hatches, I'd be battening them down.

Instead, I have:

If it lets up later in the afternoon, I'll take a walk to see Jim. They've got him up and walking with a walker, so he's been talking about the places he wants to go and the people he wants to see.

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Double yikes. It's supposed to rain heavily for the next two days.
We found out we have a leaky bedroom window. It was a night of pinging pots and pans.
Say more about the guitar bridge, please.
GN, it's a Melita bridge and according to my husband, it's a "Pre-Gretsch Synchrosonic Bridge" and Scotty Moore used one when he played with Elvis.
Very cool .... even if you put it up on ebay, it might be a good idea to take it up tto 48th street and let any of the vintage music stores have a look. I have sold several guitars and vintage parts to guitar stores for better money than ebay in the past.
Hi, Sipp!
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