Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can't Trust This

James Lileks takes the family to Disneyworld:
I was sitting by a lagoon, listening to the music drifting from the speakers on Main Street: cheerful turn-of-the-century Fourth of July Ice Cream Social music. Those of us who grew up with the Twilight-Zone mentality learned to distrust this. Surely this perfect fa├žade hides a horrible truth. Next stop is Willoughby, sir. But what if the mistrust is the false position? What if this is what it seems?

While Nora Maynard enjoys a writer's residency in a small town:

But after dinner tonight, feeling restless and overfed, that's just what I ended up doing. I started walking and soon found myself at the Carnegie Public Library, where I browsed a bit and picked up some books I've been meaning to read, both by Laurie Colwin.

On the way back to the colony, this was the scene:

library books tucked under my arm
tree-lined street
woodpecker tapping in the background
American flags hanging from porches
man ruminating in a rocking chair
lazy dog on sidewalk

Still waiting for the seamy David Lynch-style underbelly to appear. I have over a week....

Or maybe Shirley Jackson's Lottery will be held.
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