Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh Joy, It's Pneumonia

They've got him on an antibiotic and meanwhile, I'm still looking for another place for him.

More on this as it develops.

Oh yeah...and if you're planning on dying, make sure you're very wealthy or it's very fast.

Update, Tuesday 12:15 PM:

He was looking good when I stopped by this morning. He was sitting in a chair, finishing a full breakfast, and the recreational director was going to take him up to the roof garden. Good idea. It's gorgeous outside today.

I stumbled on your blog and read a couple of posts. I wish you strength and peace in this time, and hope that you find the solace you need to cope. Kudos to you for being so strong, for being so resilient. Take care of you.
Thank you, Julia!

I hope I'm as resilient as my husband is.
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