Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On The Road Again

I got a call this morning from the head nun at St. Rose's Home telling me that a bed would be available for Jim this Friday, and that I should call the social worker at Cabrini and have her set up the transfer by the end of the day, or they would go to the next person on the waiting list.

Fast and furious, I made the necessary phone calls and the transfer was confirmed. I was relieved, but also a little disappointed. Cabrini is such a beautiful place and it's too bad Jim couldn't have spent more time there or been transferred there sooner. And, I reflected, I would miss the sound of the Buddhist prayers from the elderly Chinese man's room greeting me as I stepped off the elevator.

But when I passed the old guy's room on the way to visit Jim tonight, it was quiet; the bed was stripped and empty, and his things were gone. So maybe this is just the right time.

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