Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chico Didn't Get Whacked, But...

...he does have to spend the night in the hospital. This morning, he exhibited the symptoms every owner of a male cat has come to fear. He was running back and forth to the litter box straining to pee. The vet's exam confirmed what I'd suspected: A urinary tract blockage, probably an infection.

So now he's catheterized and under observation as they flush out the offending microbes with sub-q's and antibiotic drips. The vet tech wants me to call later for "a dull, uneventful update."

"Aha!" said my paranoia. "That's always when something unexpected happens!" But probably not, and tomorrow I will bring him home while the vet extracts a blockage of money from my bank account.

Update, 9:45 PM

"Dull, uneventful update"--He's flushed, unblocked and doing well.

Ashley and I are doing our nails and watching chick flicks.

Update, Wednesday 12:35 PM

Chico has to stay another night. He's producing a lot of stones...and he pushed out the catheter.

Can't say I blame him.

A vet friend told me stress and trouble can bring it on. My Lucky blocked on the morning of September 11, 2001. I was up worrying and checking on him when I heard the first plane go too low right overhead. I was carrying him across Washington Square Park, looking south and seeing the two towers burning like two cigarettes. I was in the vet's waiting room when I heard they collapsed.
Amba, I wouldn't be surprised if stress did bring it on. Sometimes it's the absence of someone they're close to.

Chico used to sit on Jim's lap to the point where I had to put him in the bathroom so that Jim could enjoy a meal in peace without this extra little head bending over his plate.
That could do it. Or as they say in "Guys & Dolls," "a poisson could develop a cold."
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