Friday, June 08, 2007

Easy as A-B-C

Tired of putting together playlists, I decided about a month ago to listen to all of the tracks on my iPod alphabetically by song title--about 6,000 songs.

Last night on the way home, I was treated to "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix, "Fire" by The Ohio Players, "Fire Eye'd Boy" by Broken Social Scene, and "Fire of Freedom" by Black 47. The second week that Jim was at St. Rose's, I discovered I had 66 songs that began with the word "Don't." I also have two dozen songs that begin with "Everybody."

Jim reaches a new plateau of "bad" about every three weeks. I had no idea there were so many levels. This isn't a sudden death thing, like a heart attack or an aneurism. It's more like an alien sneaks into your brain and starts flipping off the circuit breakers one by one. Jim's uncle Joe died from the same cancer 48 years ago, and his cousin said that at the end, all he could move were his eyes.

So I don't know where in the alphabet I'm going to be when I get "The Call." You know the one I mean. But if Uncle Joe is the way it's going to go, then I hope it's at "Green Onions" and not "Sunshine of Your Love." Which wouldn't give me much time to say what needs to be said, but I hear that the ears are the last to go.

I check in every so often, sending you thoughts of strength and hope. I hope that you find the peace you need and the comfort you desire.
Thanks, Julia!
Yeah, me too . . .

The people who are taking care of him now, are they OK? Are they -- are enough of them who are there enough of the time -- good and kind and capable?

verification word: crazjmn

They're great. Very kind and attentive and capable, thank God...literally. The place is administered by nuns, and it's segregated by gender--the male patients on one floor, the female patients on another. There are maybe only three dozen patients in the home at any one time.

The men's floor is attended by at least two male nurses or a nurse and a nursing aide, and it's the same guys five days a week on a regular rotation. So you get the continuity, and they really get to know the patients.

In fact, I'm a little jealous of them...they get to have my husband! But they're taking better care of him than I ever could, and I get to turn my home into a refuge.

verification word: crazjmn

LOL! Yeah, but at least it's not Crazy Melinda anymore.
I am very relieved to hear that. Thank God indeed.

Now the verification word is yvayoh
- oy vay in pig latin? Wait, that wouldn't be kosher . . .
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