Monday, June 04, 2007

Snap Judgement

I just bought a Dell laptop online. I should be getting it by early next week.

I've never made such a quick decision in my life. I'm gonna be getting a call from Amex saying "We want to make sure this is you, because you never make decisions that quickly."

I've always been a Mac-head at home but came into the office this morning saying "It's time to add a Windows to the household." And from now on, laptops and notebooks instead of desktops. I'm also looking for bookshelf speakers. We have Dynacos the size of end tables. I'm looking to downsize in every way. I want to have a bonsai apartment.

Of course, now that I've bragged about my purchase online, it's time to make a snap judgement about that renters' insurance I've/we've been meaning to get.

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