Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Stupid Human Trick

I'll have to make it a point to watch Letterman tonight if I'm still conscious. I passed by the 53rd Street side of the theater just now on my way to the post office and it looked as if they were setting up for a major stunt. There were two limousines and ambulance there, so either it's a dangerous stunt or Dick Cheney is one of tonight's guests.

In other news, I just had my third root canal in 8 days and yesterday I pulled something in my lower back that's making me scream. I'm up to my eyes in painkillers. Maybe the ambulance should be for me.

Go to a Feldenkrais practitioner ... they're incredible for backs (I had a year of low back pain in my 30s, one session of this and it went away for good) and also for the whole process of change/newness; it's not psychological ... has to do with organizing yourself a new way physically/for movement. There's dozens of 'em in NY . . . Robbie (Reuven) Ofir for one. 212.265.6591
Great idea. I know there's an Introduction to Feldenkrais at Gilda's Club.

Also, I'm getting physical therapy for my knee--which I had to cancel yesterday because of my back--and it turns out I've been walking, crouching, etc. entirely wrong all my life. The guy gave me exercises to practice at home, which I'm doing slowly but surely.

Building the New Normal, one squat at a time.
You're a squatter on new territory ...

(marvelous vw:

ckawubra ! )
Yes, but I hope to make it my own.
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