Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Awwww Man, We're Not Gonna Have to Run With the Wolves, Are We?

I was looking up some info on fitness vacations this morning and I found a place in Vermont that looked interesting, except for stuff like this:
Women who struggle with emotional eating, compulsive eating or binge eating often have overly dominant inner masculine sides that are critical of their feminine selves. The result: "Their lives are filled with activities, chores, and endless list of things they must get done. Moments of reverie, relaxation or quiet time are either condemned as a 'waste of time' or avoided because feelings or desires may surface that might question or in some way interfere with their ambitions or goals.

Masculine sides? Do people still say that? Is that why Hillary Clinton and I wear pantsuits?

At least they didn't blame it on too much yang, or my moon being in Leo.

BTW, I've heard the phrase "reaching out" to a tremendous extent lately. "Try reaching out a little more for support." Reaching out is the new black.

Agh, what bullshit.
I was looking for gym class, not "The Vagina Monologues."
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