Thursday, September 20, 2007

Green Day

I spent Saturday on Fire Island with the Appalachian Mountain Club. It was the "Annual International Coastal Cleanup/Board Game Weekend," and a group of volunteers was cleaning up the beach and sifting through the sand for stuff that shouldn't be there.

Most interesting item found: A pine cone wrapped in duct tape. (Somebody didn't want the pine cone to talk.)

I missed the Board Games part, although I saw some volunteers from Mitsubishi playing Uno.

I joined the AMC recently to get up out of my cubicle and spend some time outdoors doing something besides running from one discount store to another. There are some local hikes coming up, so I'd better go shopping for hiking shoes.

On Fire Island? You don't want to know where it's been.

This was on a less-populated part of the island, where the ferry stops once a day and you have to hike across the beach to the nearest large village to get home.

It's amazing how many neighborhoods there are on that tiny little strip of land...and all of them require walking across acres of sand or having a boat.
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