Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They're So Meen 2 Me...And I Love It

I want to be a make-over on TLC's What Not To Wear. Even though I know that beauty is only skin deep. Even though I'm not world's worst fashion offender. And even though I know that Stacy and Clinton will say "Don't talk to me" after watching me peruse Loehmann's for three hours and emerge with a pair of socks.

There's just something magical in believing that my life will be totally transformed by a new haircut, kitten heels, and that piece that looks great on every woman, The Wide-Leg Black Pants. In fact, I'd just like to find a really good pair of wide-leg black pants. Everything in the stores is boot cut. What do I look like, a cowboy?

Unfortunately, they're not looking for anyone in New York right now. And also they're looking for triplets. I know some guys who are looking for triplets, but that's another thing.

You can get downloads of all the shows here. Thrill to the sight of real, everyday average gals--and a couple of guys--beaming with new-found confidence in their appearance, and in their lives. Would that it were so easy. And meanwhile, to Loehmann's for socks.

At least there's no surgery involved . . . is there?
No, that's the whole idea: That you can look polished and pulled together at your present weight/face/etc. It's not "extreme" makeover.
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