Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Burnt Hill Road" and the "L" Train

Last Sunday evening I went to "The Sunday Salon" to hear my friend Nora Maynard and three other writers read excerpts from their works. It was being held at the Stain Bar, an East Village-y establishment in a part of Williamsburg that's still largely Hispanic.

Once firmly ensconced with a glass of New York-only wine, I enjoyed:

It was a warm, balmy night with everyone in shirt sleeves and Summer clothes, although it got a bit nippy for Summer by nightfall. I sat outside for a while in The Stain's backyard and enjoyed the view of a uniquely Brooklynesque working class form of architecture: Three-story apartment buildings covered with aluminum siding.

The "L" subway line that runs across 14th Street in Manhattan and out to Canarsie in Brooklyn has been the Chisolm Trail by which you can mark gentrification in Brooklyn for the past ten years. At first, young artists priced out of Manhattan colonized the first stop, Bedford. Then gradually, it moved one stop at a time until now you can find luxury condos being built in Bushwick, a neighborhood that was neglected for years after its own residents got so disgusted with it that they set it on fire during the 1977 Blackout.

So, I'm looking forward to hearing what becomes of Mae, Nora is running in her 5th NYC Marathon Sunday Nov. 4, and to everyone who was sitting near me when I had a sneezing fit in the middle of Brett Berk: Don't worry, I wasn't contagious anymore.

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