Monday, October 08, 2007

I Am The Decider

Okay, I just bought this great lamp that looks contemporary and classic at the same time. I’ve been eyeing it online for months and looking for it in stores but finally I said, it’s got the look I want and the dimensions I need and takes a 100 watt bulb and there it is for a “Buy It Now” price of $99.00 plus $8.00 tax on eBay. So I bought it now.
Building the New Normal, one watt at a time.

Your *one watt at a time* addition to *Building the New Normal* made me chuckle. I need to adopt a new motto. I've gone thru *15 Minutes At A Time* & *Nothing To Be Done For It But To Get Thru It.* Although I'm not so sad any longer, I still feel kind of drifty. Nothing like a good motto to refocus.
I feel sort of drifty myself, but maybe I'm just going to the next place in slow motion.
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