Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Judging Thomas

Ann Althouse, who's, like, totally into the Supreme Court, has been blogging Clarence Thomas' new book as she reads it. Yesterday, she was up to the part where Thomas described attending Yale, and having had harsh words for middle- and upper-middle class white feminists who claimed that they were "oppressed."

"I found it hard to take their 'oppression' seriously," Thomas writes, "since I'd spent the first part of my life living among black women who cooked and kept house for the middle- and upper-class whites of Savannah. They never talked about being oppressed."

Ann commented:

This is in a part of the book where he describes feeling much more comfortable around the people who worked in the Missouri attorney general's office in Jefferson City.

He especially liked the way none of the 'white secretaries' were radical feminists. Because they didn't complain about oppression, he got the feeling these women would, like him, have scoffed at the privileged white feminists at Yale, and he liked that feeling: 'I began to relax, and to see and live life more fully.'

Secretaries who don't complain are so much easier to take than those feminists who are always needling you.

Hey...maybe those secretaries were a bunch of "Uncle Moms."

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