Friday, October 19, 2007

Okay, Maybe I'm Hallucinating on Cold Syrup, But...

Does anybody remember on the Sandy Becker Show in the mid-60's he had these Humpty Dumpty heads in drag singing this almost proto-Punk rendition of Willie Dixon's "Don't Go No Further":
"You want meat, go to the market
You want honey, go to the beeeeeeeee
You want love
Don't go no further
Just come on home to me
I've got to love somebody
And somebody's got to love me.
(Woooo-woooo, Woooo-woooo
I've got to love some-baaaahaaahaaadeeee...)"

Does anyone else* remember this and can they tell me the name of the girl group/artist that did this particular cover that the Dumpty heads are lip-synching to?

*You know, somebody else in their late 40s-early 50s who's a native-born New Yorker and watched local kids' TV in the mid-60's. And is hallucinating on cold syrup.

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