Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bruno Rocks The Lobster

The B-52's did a show at Roseland last night. It was Halloween, so the audience wore costumes. The B-52's always wear costumes.

The opening act was a local band named Rapture who were young enough to be the B-52's children and who played so interminably long and loud that I've been going around all day smiling and nodding stupidly to everything everyone says to me because I can't hear out of my right ear.

There was a break between the opening act and the headliners, and when I got back from the Ladies' Room I got separated from the mothership, or more specifically, from my friend Kathy and her work friend James. This ultimately turned out to be not so bad, since they'd been standing front and center in a tightly-packed crowd and I ended up in a little pocket off stage right that had a small bar and an open space and seating and few people. It was our own little concert, our own little dance hall, our own private Idaho, and I danced with King Tut and a Hoochie Mama. At least I think those were costumes.
Kathy is a Corpse Bride; I'm "Cool"

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