Sunday, November 04, 2007

Goodbye to the Cube

My department is moving tomorrow to a newly-renovated floor in the same office building, so Friday was Packing Day.

I explored the new floor so I could avoid that "temp" feeling on Monday: "Where's the Ladies' Room? The pantry and coffee supplies? Is that the only coat closet?"

On the old floor, I'd been in two cubicles in five years, but the pantry and the Ladies' Room were a constant. They were the places I'd rushed to and crept back cautiously from, when awaiting the results of medical tests for myself, my husband, and various human and fur-bearing family members; praying I'd see the red glow of the message light on my phone, and praying I wouldn't.

So, a new floor, new facilities, a new phone system that the company actually had us all come to training sessions to learn, and maybe some better news.

Thank God we all got an extra hour of sleep.

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