Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Word From the Vet Yet

In fact, the vet called me on Monday night to tell me there was no word yet on Ashley's biopsy. Yesterday, there was no word from the vet about there being no word on Ashley's biopsy. So today I'll call and see if they have any word.

Meanwhile, Ashley is acting just fine, except that every time I look at her she thinks I'm going to put drops in her ears, and she runs somewhere and hides and pees. The house is going to be extremely clean for the holidays, as I play "Find where Ashley peed."

Update 4:25 PM:

The scariest words to hear when you're calling into your voice mail: Your vet saying "I want to go over the results of Ashley's biopsy with you."

So it's twenty minutes later and the tingling is just going away from my hands and the results are: "It's an infection. Keep giving her the antibiotic drops and bring her in for a recheck next week."


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