Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Single-Bedded Life

I was looking at daybed frames and fell in love with the one pictured above. Then I had a dream that Jim's ghost came back and complained, "I have no place to sleep!" I woke up thinking, "Now I have to get a convertible sofa in case Jim's ghost comes back."

Does this dream mean I'm Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands? I could hardly even fit one into this apartment. Do ghosts even sleep? I thought they were past all that. 

The dream could mean that I feel guilty about continuing to have a life that he'll be left out of, and eventually, a life into which he would no longer fit. It could also mean that even though I'm independent, I have to balance it with being connected to people.

Or it could just mean nothing whatsoever, but in the future it may be a good idea to get a convertible sofa anyway.

I'm gathering this is a studio? You couldn't have both the daybed AND the convertible sofa? How about one of those sectional modular things that can be configured different ways, for when the ghosts are visiting?
It's a studio, one big long room with an arch in the middle, and I can have a single bed AND a convertible sofa, for when whoever comes visiting.

Although I'm thinking that a captain's bed may be more useful than a Parsons bed: Drawers to store sheets, blankets and pillows. And this apartment's always reminded me of a boat.
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