Sunday, January 06, 2008

This Was Going To Be A Post About That New Make-Over Show

This was going to be a post about that new make-over show that's hosted by one of the guys from "Queer Eye" and the make-over, a cute Latina woman around 30 who'd been dieting her curves into submission for 20 years. 

Then I said to myself, "Bruno, this is Make-Overs 101! You know all this stuff, why are you watching this?" So then it was going to turn into a post about how I keep going back to basics: When I was doing stand-up I kept reading books on "So You Want To Be A Comic?" even after I'd been doing it for years. I keep reading stuff on "How to Blog" even though I've been reading blogs for five years and blogging for nearly three. I've been reading books on how to de-clutter your living space when there is now practically nothing visible in my house except a bed and two cats.

Basically, it was going to turn into this insightful post about how I like to keep going back to see if I missed anything before I make the next leap forward. Except this afternoon I was going to blog about buying a Bali bra and trying to remember if Bali was the brand that made my back suddenly break out into raised capital letters.

But then I saw Chico sleeping like this and nothing else mattered.

Would you suggest any good books on how to de-clutter? The more junk I throw out (or recycle if possible) the more I bring in. For every one item I sell on Ebay, I must buy 3 more, it seems.

Chico is a cutie!
Hi, Rosa!

Apartment Therapy has a web site, and they've got a book out, too. You can begin there.

Lately I've also enjoyed the FLY Lady, and "30 Days to a Simpler Life."

Of course, nothing motivates you more than just saying "enough!"
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