Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Same, Only Different

Today would have been Jim's 61st birthday, and to celebrate it I'd invited about a dozen or so friends, relatives and neighbors over last night. I wasn't even sure I could fit a dozen people into my living room, but in folding chair, plates-on-laps mode, it worked.

Everyone brought something to eat. Some people brought their own folding chair.

I'd pulled together an iTunes playlist of Jim's favorite music and a small album of pictures of Jim through the years that we were together, but mostly what everyone was interested in was sitting and eating and talking. Later, I realized that the best memorial had been when I did an impression of Jim saying "Don't throw that out!" and everybody laughed because they remembered what Jim sounded like.

The last guest helped me take the trash into the back yard. When I got back upstairs, the apartment smelled like food that I don't buy. It was a pleasant smell, just strange, as if I were someone else.

That's a brave way to deal with a milestone -- head on.
There's another milestone in the works. I have to set a date for the unveiling, and order the plaque.
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