Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things That Cracked Me Up Today

Having a sucky day of work, and these things made me laugh at loud here in the cube.

This headline from "The Borowitz Report":

Obama Calls Plagiarism Flap ‘Best of Times, Worst of Times’
Tells Hillary: ‘Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner’
and this excerpt:

For his part, Mr. Obama seems to have moved past the controversy altogether, greeting his audience at a campaign rally in El Paso with his trademark welcome: “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.”
From "Sideways Mencken":
I've gone to the total shaved-head thing. I look like an albino turtle. It's cold here, so I go about in a long, navy topcoat, with a graphite scarf, grown-up slacks and miserably uncomfortable shoes, all of which disappear in the gloom of night, so that I end up looking like a floating hard-boiled egg with glasses.
And this, from "The Sky Is Bigger There":
The stove mysteriously sitting in the middle of the room is the only sign that there was ever a kitchen in this house.
Okay, doesn't sound so funny, right? You have to see the visuals.

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