Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Eating

Street Fair season has begun.

The weather was beautiful today. Better than the weather report had said. Better than I'd thought. Better than we ever deserved. It was a little windy, though.

I caught a giant pillow fight in Union Square. I'd thought it was a bunch of white flags and we were surrendering to somebody. The wind blew feathers and fiberfill all over the neighborhood, and people got on the buses and trains with little pieces of feathers and fuzz stuck to their clothes, carrying it to the boroughs and suburbs. You probably have some on you right now. I'm serious. Check.

The stuff blew all the way down to J&R near City Hall, where I went to get a mini-home theater system, which I am now about to hook up to my mini-TV and mini-tape deck and mini-VCR-DVD in my mini-dwelling.

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