Friday, April 04, 2008

Kitty Ears

Here's Ashley hiding on top of the wardrobe cabinet, because I have to start giving her ear drops again. She thinks I'm trying to eat her.

She has a weapon, though. It's not biting and it's not scratching; it's peeing. No matter how recently she's christened the box, she always seems to come up with great sopping puddles of the stuff whenever the medicine comes out. So once again, I have to spend the next ten days chasing a micturating feline all over the house and trying to keep her off anything upholstered or electronic until she calms down.

Oh well. I was looking for a good excuse to get up off my ass and give the house a thorough mop-up. And last Sunday, the Housing Preservation people were there to examine the pothole in my living room floor. So things are getting better all the time.

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