Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stupid Pod Tricks

My iPod experienced what I'd thought was terminal click-itis on Tuesday morning. I kept pressing everything on the wheel to turn it on and nothing happened.

I went to the Apple Store after work and found that their next available appointment at the iPod section of the Genius Bar was going to be four hours later. I made one for Wednesday after work instead.

So I got there yesterday afternoon about twenty minutes early, and checked in with the concierge--a guy walking around the Genius Bar carrying one of those really thin Mac Books--and then waited for my name to come up on the great big monitors behind the Genius Bar.

I passed the time by reading the helpful iPod tips, tricks and interesting facts that came up on the monitors. Hey, did you know that with an 80-gigabyte iPod Classic, you could drive back and forth from New York to San Francisco 25 times and never hear the same song twice? Did you know you can make playlists on the go? Did you know that if your iPod was jammed, you can un-jam it yourself by pressing the "Menu" button and the "Select" button at the same time and holding them for 10 seconds?

Oh, no.

But I'd better try it, because if I get up there and they ask me if I've tried it, I'm going to look like an idiot.

Okay...Onetwothreefourfivesixseveneight...don't go on don't go on...

It went on.

Having decided that fifteen minutes was too short a time to run downtown, check my house for any other malfunctioning Apple equipment and then run back just to be able to use my appointment, I told the concierge to take my name off the list and left.

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