Monday, May 12, 2008

And So It Begins

I left my two beloved cats alone in my apartment with two strangers and a circular saw.

Of course, the first thing Chico did is went up to smell the saw.

You would think the hardest part about moving all the stuff out of my living room was the six-foot credenza. You would be wrong. The toughest thing was disentangling the octopus of wires in the back of the TV/stereo equipment and the computer. Everything's piled up in the bedroom and I may not connect either of them until the end of the week when I move them back into the living room.

When I left, the workmen were putting thick plastic sheeting all over the openings to the room, kind of like the way the endodontist puts a dental dam around the tooth he's working on. So I'm getting root canal on my living room.

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