Monday, June 23, 2008

"Jim, Wake Up! Carlin Died"

That's what I felt like saying this morning.

We saw him live in 1992, making a special appearance at the Original Improv just before that club closed its doors.

This is as close to a bio of Carlin as you're going to see. And it also puts his story in context with the rest of what was going on in the '70s with stand-up, as album-oriented comedy morphed into arena comedy.

Listen to Class Clown and FM & AM. I listened to them before I'd heard a Lenny Bruce album, then wondered what the big deal was about Bruce. This was because Carlin and Pryor had taken what Bruce had started and made it more accessible and more personal.

I know exactly what you mean. Gene would have gotten that, too. Also, when Tim Russert died. That's the one that got to me. Gene was such a news-junkie and I was totally won over by the whiteboard during the convention. The fact that Mr. Russert was taken out by sudden heart attack just like Gene gave me pause and tears that day. I'm hoping I get to watch SNL this Saturday since they plan to run the very first with Mr. Carlin at the helm. When I thought of George Carlin, I always think of the Hippie Dippy Weatherman... wasn't there some little song about sending his liver to Peru? ("but I'm sending my hear to you-ooooooo...")
I remember Al Sleet but not that song, so I Googled it. Somebody put the whole 45 on YouTube:

"Wonderful WINO..."
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