Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, They Did It Again

The landlords won the right to give you an 8.5% increase when you renew your lease for 2 years, plus new merriment: A surcharge of up to $85 if you've been in your apartment for longer than 6 years.

Looks like if I want to read the new Nixon book, I'll have to take it out of the library. I could get to like that place. I hear they have stuff you can borrow for free and everything.

Update, Friday Afternoon:

I went to the Donnell Library on 53rd Street and it's closing at the end of the summer! Somebody bought the building and is tearing down the library and building luxury condos.

When it's rebuilt, the library will have the first two floors, but meanwhile they have to find new homes for all the books.

I never stop raving about how great this library is. Well, lately, I just never stop raving, period.

The librarian said they have the Nixon book on order, and will reserve it for me when it comes in (to Destination Unknown).

I swear to God, this city. Soon you will hear people say in hushed tones: "That's the woman who lives on under a million dollars a year."

Oh, so that's why my landlord agreed to renew my lease for 2 more years.

Don't get me started.

It's the Midas touch. The whole city is turning to gold. It's a disease.

Imagine, gold cockroaches! Their shit won't stink.
But imagine how hard it will be to step on them.
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