Saturday, July 26, 2008

Couch, Fun and Guilt

My new couch was finally delivered this morning. It was back-ordered for two months. Don't ask me why. Actually, I think I know why: So the store could use my money for two months.

But it still looks great, doesn't it?

I got the pillow from the IKEA in Brooklyn. I went by subway and bus this time, which was fun because I saw neighborhoods I'd never seen before. There was an aura of mystery, too, because I never know where the hell I am when I'm in Brooklyn.

I always go to IKEA alone, because it's always so crowded there that I would feel guilty subjecting anyone else to it. There's this playroom called "Smaaland" where you can drop off your kids; maybe there should be a playroom to drop off adults who you dragged to IKEA.

Also, I like having one weekend day just to myself to take care of things that get done more quickly when you don't have to think about anyone else. Then, by the next day, I feel like Boo Radley and am happy to socialize again.

The couch is great! And I like the pillows, all three!
Well, I would go to IKEA with you. I totally LOVE Ikea!
Judy, thanks! It takes the cats less than a day to colonize anything I bring into the house.

Bea, check out Ikeahacker.
D-I-Y projects out of IKEA stuff.
Looks like the kitties didn't waste time making a fur deposit on the new thing in their territory. Just what is it with cats and wanting to leave their fur everywhere? LOL!
I love the way they're looking at me like they're saying "Do you mind?" Like I'm about to sit on their couch.
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