Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sundae Will Never Be The Same

I had dinner last night at Rosa Mexicano. They make their own guacamole in front of you. The guy asks you if your table wants guacamole and then grinds everything in a bowl right there at the table. They're the Benihana of guacamole.

I had the seared tuna on a bed of a variety of things sweet and spicy. Then I splurged on dessert. They had a sundae with Mexican chocolate ice cream that, according to the menu, was made with cinnamon and almonds. What would that taste like? Then there was another ice cream that was made with roses. What would that taste like? Would it taste like flowers?

The sundae tasted like a sundae and left me feeling bloated. I'm too used to this healthy eating nonsense now, and next time will content myself with a scoop. But the seared tuna was virtuous.

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