Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cardio and Convention

I've been spending this week checking out no-frills workout places. The one I visited yesterday was too no-frills: It was small, cramped, and two flights underground. It also seemed to be peopled exclusively by short, wide Latin guys. I may have stumbled across the training center for the Peruvian Sumo Wrestling Team.

On the agenda tomorrow is a women-only workout place that's above-ground and a bit more airy looking. I downloaded a free workout coupon.

Last night was Women's Night at the Dem Convention: Dozens of senators, governors and congresswomen in colorful pantsuits; Hillary's opening act. Hillary's pantsuit was orange. "Orange Alert!" blogged this guy.

Here's the money 'graf:

"Were you in this campaign just for me, or were you in it for that marine...that mom with cancer...that young boy and his mom surviving on minimum wage?"

Oooh, she's good.

There were also three men who impressed: Warner, Casey and that jolly rancher, the governor of Montana.

Tonight is Hillary's hubby, who uses his tongue prettier than a twenty-dollar whore. Also Joe Biden, who's had some killer material, although twenty years ago I remember comics having a field day over some of his material being stolen.

By the way, during her speech, Hillary made a joke thanking her "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit" and then during his monologue Letterman said "They showed a film about Hillary, 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit.'" Dave tapes several hours before 10:30 PM Eastern, which is about when Hillary gave her speech, but has been doing jokes about Hillary's pantsuits for several months. So it's Hillary referencing Dave referencing Hillary.

Update, 8:00 PM: Dang! I was out shopping and missed it. Hillary released all her delegates and Obama is the nominee by proclamation or something. That means no roll call. That's my favorite part. That's how I get to remember what all the states are.

Obama's going to give his acceptance speech tomorrow in a football stadium. So the rest of the convention's been like an infomercial for the Super Bowl.

How are the Republicans gonna top this one, launch John McCain into space dressed like a pirate? Nah, they'll probably do things the old-fashioned way; they're Republicans.

Sometimes, the old ways are comforting.

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