Friday, August 15, 2008

The Cat Days of Summer

Chico's spending the day at the vet's for his dental, which means that once again, I'm spending the day Googling statistics for cats that died under anesthesia. Usually, it's from an undiagnosed underlying heart disease. However, any cat that could give me the workout Chico gave me this morning getting him into the carrier must be in pretty good shape.

The physical therapist who worked in the Middle East has gone back to the Middle East, and his replacement has been having me add cardio to my therapy. The nutritionist also wants me to add cardio. It's a conspiracy.

The surprising thing is, I'm actually looking forward to it the way I used to look forward to my bereavement group. Maybe this is the next step on the road to the New Normal. Maybe there should be a reweavement group, for when you're over the shock and pain and strangeness and now you want to sort things out and put together a better life.

Last week I came home from work to change and go to a party, and I had to bribe myself not to stay at home. "Look, just go for two hours and then you can come home and make salads!" It worries me that I'm more interested in broccoli right now than I am in a social life. I may end up with the social life of broccoli. But I did go and had a great time.

I was going through something similar over the dead days of winter, only then it was getting over whatever Virus du Jour was making me sneeze, cough, throw up or raise a fever. And fixing up the apartment, one little bit at a time, not so's you would even notice. Except the plumber did, when he came up to change the shower pipes.

"This place looks beautiful! I wasn't sure I was in the right apartment!"

Meanwhile, nobody had told me, "You're more interested in a lamp than you are in me! I'm not being your friend anymore." So maybe I'm still on the right track.

Update 2:30 PM: Cat fine. Pick up at six. Broccoli at 8.

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