Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home. Sick.

Not Chico. He's fine, and like Ashley, is usually home. I'm the one who called in sick this morning with a monster migraine which is now slowly ebbing and leaving hollow exhaustion in its wake.

I posted the picture of Chico so you could see what I've had to do with my couch, my beautiful leather couch that I just got three weeks ago. They've created kitty Braille all over the arms and back, so I've covered it with a canvas slipcover and some towels and throw rugs. My poor couch looks like a guy in a beekeeper suit.

I'm doing some Summer reading this afternoon, which is reminding me that I'd wanted to do some blogging on what I'm reading, and the idea is giving me a headache again, so this will wait. Also listening to one of those Internet jukebox things, and I'll blog about that, too.

Look at this. Isn't it adorable? My poor couch.

Have you thought about trying Soft Claws? http://www.softclaws.com/ Maybe they won't let you wrestle them on, but it could be worth trying. Plus they come in colors so you could torture them with hot pink nails.
It's hard enough to trim my cats' claws. Ashley slithers away like an eel, and Chico flips over on his back and grabs my hand with all four sets of claws and his teeth.

Actually, lavender nails would look attractive on Ashley, with her grey fur.
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