Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watching The Defectives

I watched the Dems on C-Span last night, so I wouldn't have to hear the commenters commenting on the commenters. I missed the way I used to MST3K the conventions with Jim.

I looked to see if Althouse was liveblogging and scrolled through the comments. I came away a few minutes later with my eyebrows scorched, reaffirming my decision not to read political blogs until after the elections.

"Oh," my inner Ann Coulter taunted, "we just want to stay in our liberal bubble where people are niiiiiice and everyone agreeeees with us!"

"No," I tried to reason with it, which is always a mistake, "the only remotely lefty blog I read is the Washington Monthly's, which is kinda wonky."

"Just keep living in your dream world and see who cries, boo-hoo-hoo, on November 5 when McCain wins."

But I didn't live in a dream world in 2004, and although I wasn't pleased with the outcome, I wasn't crying tears of shock (and awe). Like I've said, I pretty much had a foreboding of where this would be going just from watching Letterman, without having to voluntarily subject myself to The Two-Minute Hate at any conservative outlets. Or liberal ones, either...it's as if they'd thought sheer Bush hatred alone would win the election, move mountains and levitate the Pentagon.

NY1 news this morning showed a few clips from McCain's appearance on The Tonight Show last night. It wasn't his first appearance. He presented himself well. People liked him. Leno isn't Fox News; he's a pretty liberal guy with a mainstream audience.

Just being aware of these facts, even if I don't like them, is my grounding wire without having to blubber defensively to my inner Ann Coulter or to the schoolyard bullies lurking in the depths of political blog commenters...or in my own super-ego.

So tonight I'll tune in again on C-Span, which turned out to be a good choice: The cable and network news stations were all about the Obama/Clinton feud. Unfortunately, that's the convention that most Americans will have the patience for...the Gossip Girl one. But "most Americans" is the audience that's going to select the next president. And whoever that choice is, I have better things to boo-hoo-hoo about.

PS: Some intelligent explanations from said commenters here.

You should have told you're inner-Coulter to shut up. (Sauce for the goose, etc.) I'm from the right of the American political spectrum, and felt pretty much the same way about the comments about Michelle Obama's speech. What happened there had nothing to do with political content and everything to do with cliqueish meanness.
Yeah, I wouldn't mind some "Mystery Science Theater"-type snark. I'm a non-partisan snarker. But this was junior high, or like something out of "Mean Girls" (and Guys).
Funny about MST3K. I know there was a running commentary at my house a few years ago, too. hehe.

I've missed reading your blog! It's been so busy at work and I've been working long hours. I'm way behind on my blog reading.

Just wanted to stop by and say hi!
Hi, Judy!

The hordes are about to descend, huh?
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