Sunday, September 14, 2008

"...And I Can See Russia From My House!"

The best line in the only really good sketch of the season premiere of SNL.

You think this is going to be what the presidential debates look like in 2012? That wouldn't bother me. I went to an all-girls' school for a few years and never thought girls couldn't be anything, including diametrically opposed to just about everything.

Ambivablog posted a piece by "Vagina Monologues" author Eve Ensler that's been making the rounds lately, including my e-mail. She prefaces it with a point of view that could have been mine when I first opened the e-mail:
I also disagree with Sarah Palin on several of the issues detailed in this e-mail. It's political orthodoxies, cast like prefab slugs of type with sets of ideas predictably welded together, that are my bĂȘte noire.
Coincidentally, as she was posting this, I was on the subway to Brooklyn sitting in the middle of a group of yuppies and their preschool kids. The guys were whiny, the kids were smart but whiny. In all fairness, it was a hot day and maybe they all needed a nap.

When the dads gave the kids a choice of healthy snacks and bottled water, one little boy said "Why can't we just drink the water from the river?" Which prompted one mother to say in a schoolteacher's tone, "Maybe one day we can drink the water from the river, but for now," followed by a lecture on "the environment."

Hey thanks, folks, I thought, for being the kind of liberals that make conservatives beat me up on blogs.

I'm not gonna vote for McCain/Palin. I think the Republicans deserve a trip to the woodshed, not another trip to the White House. I'm not sure I'll vote at all, but if I do, it will more likely be for Obama. Does that mean that if McCain/Palin wins I'm going to renounce my citizenship, give all my money to NARAL and flee the country with a baby seal under each arm? Heck no.

For one thing, I think the current occupants have gotten everything so bollixed up it's gonna take five more presidents to make a difference one way or the other.

For another thing, both sides have been predicting Armageddon for as long as I can remember, and it hasn't happened yet.

The republic will survive, and so will feminism. Case in point? Last night you had two strong women comics playing two strong women politicians. Amy Poehler looks so pregnant she'll probably deliver before election day. Maybe she'll go on maternity leave, like Maya Rudolph did. You didn't see that happening in 1975 when SNL first went on the air.

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