Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Day, Another Follow-Up

The tech was arranging the ex-ray plates for my follow-up mammogram. I asked her, "If the thing they found six months ago was benign, how come I have to come back for a recheck? Did it turn evil in six months?"

"You have to have a six-month follow-up because you didn't have a biopsy. It looked benign on the scans, so if it's stable you don't have to come back for a year."

And if it's not...

After I was finished being stretched and posed like Silly Putty, I sat in the waiting area while she brought the films to the doctor. And for ten minutes, every time a human being passed by I looked at them with puppy-dog eyes. I reminded myself to breathe. I wondered what part of my breast would need to be cut and how much time I'd have to take off work.

"Okay!" And it was the tech again.

"Okay, I can go?"

"Yeah, see you in a year."

My exact words were "Yahoo!" And then I felt bad, because there were other people sitting in the waiting area and maybe they were getting bad news. I know the name of that tune.

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