Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pit Bulls With Lipstick

I watched the Sarah Palin speech last night. She did about as well as I'd figured she would do, which is to say, really well. She was fiesty, spunky and all of those other words they apply to spirited women. She got in some good jabs at Obama.

I don't agree with her on political issues, but I'm not one of the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling that McCain needs to siphon off a couple million of, because I'm not registered as a Democrat and didn't vote for Hillary. But the more women there are in the game, the less it looks like a novelty, so I'm glad she did well.

Do you think she swayed other swing voters? I don't know, but she probably re-energized Republican and Democratic voters. Republicans are saying "Hey, let's get out and vote...We could win!" Democrats are saying, "Hey, let's get out and vote...They could win!"

Tonight I'll watch McCain give his Medal of Honor Acceptance...I mean, his nomination acceptance, and then I'll clear my head of politics for the weekend.

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