Monday, September 01, 2008

The Pubs Have A Stadium, Too

I'm watching NY1 News and they're showing the stadium where McCain's going to give his acceptance speech.

The fact that the Republicans are using a stadium too is calming my thoughts from last Thursday of "Oh, they need a stadium because Obama has this huge cult of personality and I'm having these Leni Riefenstahl flashes and now I'm afraid to vote for him."

It's not the Cult of Personality. It's Acromegaly of the Convention.

However, in the words of the Two Thousand Year Old Man, "There's something bigger than Phil" (Gramm) and Hurricane Gustav is adding a solemn, subdued tone to this week's festivities, curtailing them in time and tone. If the administration's critics whaled on Condi Rice for buying a pair of Jimmy Choo's in the middle of Katrina, imagine the horror of a split screen with Americans drowning on one side and Republicans partying on the other.

Sometimes common sense and human decency outweigh politics, thank Phil.

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