Monday, September 22, 2008

So Now I'm The Banality of Evil

According to two commenters on Althouse who I have never even seen before in my entire life, I enjoyed an evil sketch on Saturday Night Live the other night.

This worries me, because I didn't even realize the sketch was evil. It was making fun of elitist reporters at The New York Times and I laughed because I worked at another effete snob paper once upon a time and I love it when somebody ranks on those people.

So the fact that I enjoyed the sketch and it was evil and I didn't realize it was evil makes me worry about myself, because what if I do some kind of harm now to myself and others? How can I ever trust myself again?

The answer as soon as I remember how to breathe again. Oh wait, am I whining?

Update: Fox News thinks I'm evil, too. Hey Mister Nixon, I'm one of the good kids!

P.S.: Believe it or not, I actually liked myself up until a few minutes ago. Hoo boy! Glad somebody put a stop to that!

By the way, the most dangerous echo chamber is the one inside one's own head.

For those of you who didn't see the sketch, the whole point is that The New York Times is so desperate to find dirt on Sarah Palin that they will run an unsubstantiated rumor that there's incest going on in the family. "Come on, it's Alaska!" The whole point was to show just how sleazy the media's being. Am I the only one who gets the point? Am I some kind of autistic Martian or something?

I mean, I've often said that no matter who's in the Big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, I'm not moving from my own house. I'm not going to France to be an expatriot, feu feu feu feu feu. But if...I Googled this...a ton of conservative bloggers were outraged over this sketch, one even moved to tears, for cryin' out loud...yes, I have too much time on my hands this afternoon...

Anyway, long story short, forget about being an expatriot. Apparently, I'm an unhinged moonbat and should consider life on another planet.

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