Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cabinet Selection

Not the next president's, but mine.

I finally, finally heard back from the landlord about installing new kitchen cabinets. He said I'd have to sign a rider increasing my rent each month by a fraction of the cost of the cabinets. This increase would be in place for as long as I would be in the apartment. Since I'm a New Yorker, let's face it: It means this would be in place for the rest of my life.

I did some basic math and discovered that by the time they cart me off to the home for the aged, I will have laid out the price of a Mercedes for some fecockteh cabinets.

I can, however, hire somebody and buy the cabinets myself. It's a small wall and the cabinets themselves would be under two thousand bucks, then another couple of thousand for the labor. The drawback to this is that you're liable for any damages that occur to the building while the cabinets are being installed. It's an old building, and if you hammer something in 5B, the ceiling cracks in 2C.

I can rig something up with free-standing cabinets. It's the one over the sink that bugs me. It's solid wood, which is great, but due to the warpage that you get in an old tenement, the door no longer closes and the shelves sag. So one alternative that I'll work on in the next few days is finding a carpenter to at least take that cabinet down, and maybe build another one conforming to the warpage. Or just take it down, and be really minimalistic.

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