Friday, October 03, 2008

If I May, I'd Like To Just Throw Away My Prepared Post and Speak Directly to the American People

When I turned on NY1 this morning, Pat Kiernan was saying "Sarah Palin held her own" about every five minutes. By the time I'd finished my breakfast, I'd already run out of snappy comebacks like "I bet a lot of guys want to hold it, too" and "I'm holding mine right now."

Roger Clark was at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal asking commuters who they'd thought had won the debate; Staten Island being the only one of the five boroughs where you have a chance of finding more than one McCain supporter. Even the Obama supporters thought Palin had done well, meaning she didn't crash and burn and cause pain for anyone watching her.

The Veep debate wasn't a game-changer or a mind-changer for anyone asked. And since I've made up my mind already, I'm just trying to detach myself from the partisan rancor that's been flying around and enjoy the rest of the race for historical value. And to make comparisons with show business, and to make jokes. It's either that or hide under the kitchen table for the next 30 days like that weird girl in "Moonchildren."

Palin gave a good performance last night, but her material is kinda hackneyed (same old conservative talking points) and she wasn't off-book--kept looking at her notes. People like her, which was good for Reagan, and she even threw in a little Reagan reference with "There you go again."

Some conservative bloggers and commenters are already planning her future, accepting that this particular election is going to go to Obama. One thing many of us can agree on, left and right, is that she's iconic, going to be around for a while and forty years from now an elderly Rick Perlstein will be writing an in-depth biography of her.

Meanwhile, if anybody wants to take my predictions seriously, here's a disclaimer: Three years ago I predicted that Anthony Weiner was going to be our next mayor here in NYC. This week, it was announced that Mike Bloomberg will be seeking a third term if the city council votes to extend term limits.

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