Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carnival of the Contractors

I've started auditioning contractors to do some stuff to the apartment that the landlord isn't going to pay for; mainly, to remove some fugly acoustic tile from the ceiling put up by a previous tenant and replace it with nice smooth sheetrock.

This was something that got interrupted two years ago at this time when Jim's cancer took a turn for the worse. I was planning massive changes to the apartment as a way to stay sane and feel productive. Little by little over the past year, many of those changes have been made without the pressure I felt back then. The pressure was because I felt like I had to do it all at once, mostly because I thought I'd procrastinate and not do it at all, and also because I was going to sail to the edge of the earth and fall off.

But there has been life after the unthinkable, and there have been renovations, most of which I haven't had to pay for. When I think about what I was willing to do and pay for a couple of years ago in order to forestall the inevitable, I feel like taking a nap. Or maybe it's just this gloomy rainy day, and the thought of a bunch of guys who don't speak English trying to convince me to fix things that don't need fixing. One sheetrock at a time, please.

PS: Here's a guy who's been in his Village apartment as long as I've been in mine. I remember that Live Poultry market!

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