Sunday, November 09, 2008

Off to a Good Start

Ashley helps me file.

I'm at home all day today preparing for a routine medical screening tomorrow, the one where you have nothing but liquids the day before and then a big beverage that tastes like pond scum for dinner and then the next morning, up your nose with a rubber hose. You other old people will know which one I mean.

So what am I doing while I'm housebound? Am I getting caught up on my chores, my reading, my correspondence? Yeah, sort of. But mostly my brain is still set on "political junkie" mode, so I'm reading blogs and watching CNN all the livelong day, with shows like "Yes, Even More Stuff About the Obama Presidency!"

The Conventional Wisdom right now is that Obama will govern from the center. This makes me smile, because centrist Democrats are about where I'm at as far as what I think will be good for the country right now, so listen to me 'cause I'm one of those liberal elitists who know what's good for ya.

Amba was also watching CNN, Rahm Emanuel on This Week, and said that Emanuel kept hammering the message of helping the middle class. That should bring a smile to my mother's face, because she watches This Week too and she likes it when the Democrats say that.

What I liked was that he said that the auto industry should look for ways to use the money they've already received and look for a way to turn the crisis into an opportunity. This is in line with my philosophy of "Before you go shopping, use what you have."

So I'm happy, and optimistic. Or just hallucinating from lack of solid food.

I took a look at the "Use What You Have" post. It reminded me of my late and most wonderful step-mom Geneva. We were in the kitchen working on dinner (lunch-time here in the south). She was picking out potatoes or tomatoes, some such produce, to prepare and she said to me, "My mom always said to use the best you've got. If I use the biggest and prettiest tomato (or potato) today, then when tomorrow rolls around -- from what's left over I'll pick the BEST and most prized one and I'll use it. So you see, you end up using your best stuff everyday."
That makes sense.

From my parents, who grew up poor during the Depression, I learned, "Save it for a special occasion!" But you can only do that so long with potatoes and tomatoes.
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